Accelerate integration of applications and data with AI-powered automation

On the road to digital transformation, every organization seeks to move faster than before. But going fast without the right approach, guided by real-world operational data, has caused 70% of digital transformations to fail. A new approach, with automation and continuous improvement fed by AI algorithms, is required. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration provides an automated and closed-loop lifecycle across multiple styles of integration. With IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, companies can speed integration development by 300%, reduce costs by more than 33% and maintain enhanced security, governance, and availability.

The quick and practical guide to digital business automation

Making automation a central component of your operational strategy is essential to growing and thriving in an increasingly competitive business environment. However, hurdles like figuring out where to start and how to scale can be extremely challenging blockers. Use this guide to help you along the journey. Get tips from IBM experts and customers on how to:     • Digitize and automate your business processes     • Kick-start automation projects     • Select the right automation solution for your business

Agile integration: A modern approach to enterprise hybrid integration

Today, more than ever, organizations require integration of applications, data and systems to transform engagement models and optimize channel performance while still maintaining business continuity. Traditional approaches to integration are costly and can’t keep up with escalating demand. This new approach spans from people and process to architecture and technology by leveraging modern practices and capabilities including APIs, microservices architecture, cloud-native design, DevOps, event-driven architecture and container-based infrastructure. In this guide, you will learn how to:     • Empower extended teams to create integrations.     • Leverage a complete set of traditional and modern integration styles and       capabilities.     • Realize the benefits of multicloud, decentralization and microservices to       increase integration speed and efficiency.     • Evolve your approach to integration in order to allow you to boldly build new       customer experiences.     • Deliver the agility, scalability and resilience required for digital transformation.     • Make integration a critical enabler of innovation.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of The IBM Automation Platform For Digital Business – 2019

IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by implementing the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business. The purpose of this Total Economic Impact (TEI) study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of this platform solution on their organizations. Forrester\'s interview with an existing IBM automation platform customer and subsequent financial analysis found that the organization experienced benefits of nearly $23.9 million USD with an ROI of 675%. The IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business is an integrated set of flexible capabilities designed to help organizations automate work at speed and scale. Capabilities include:     • Using bots to automate human tasks     • Sharing, managing and collaborating on content     • Designing and managing start-to-finish workflows     • Automating decisions with business rules     • Capturing, classifying and extracting data from content

Global Sales Strategy Workbook

You’re confident your company could thrive globally. But do you know where or how to begin the international expansion process? Use this Global Sales Strategy Workbook: an all-encompassing, hands-on tool to help you design and execute your global expansion and increase your sales — all while minimizing risk. Download the workbook to learn:     • Where to grow your sales team first.     • How to conduct a market analysis, product review, competitive analysis, and       more.     • How to set clear and realistic goals to measure success.

Global Sales Strategy Workbook

You’re confident your company could thrive globally. But do you know where or how to begin the international expansion process? Use this Global Sales Strategy Workbook: an all-encompassing, hands-on tool to help you design and execute your global expansion and increase your sales — all while minimizing risk. Download the workbook to learn:     • Where to grow your sales team first.     • How to conduct a market analysis, product review, competitive analysis, and       more.     • How to set clear and realistic goals to measure success.

Developing a Post-Pandemic Telecommuting Policy

With the rapid shift to work-from-home resulting from the pandemic, many organizations were focused on quickly resolving the immediate IT needs of their workforce. Now that it is evident many of the pandemic shifts are here to stay, law departments are working to codify new employer/employee responsibilities in the form of new or updated policies and procedures. A telecommuting policy minimizes legal risk by setting out expectations for the employee and explaining the employer’s responsibilities, such as what equipment the employer will provide to the employee and which expenses, if any, the employer reimburses.

Webinar: What is distributed cloud and how can your business benefit from it?

The typical multicloud, hybrid IT environment is complex. Companies need the agility of cloud with the flexibility to run workloads anywhere. The IBM Cloud Satellite™ offering makes it possible to simplify and optimize application management while still meeting compliance requirements. Hear from IBM experts on how distributed cloud helps teams develop and release applications fast, with quality and consistency.

Deep Learning Inference on PowerEdge R7425

Dell EMC PowerEdge R7425 is based on AMD’s EPYC™ architecture and since EPYC™ architecture supports higher number of PCIe Gen3 x16 lanes, it allows the server to be used as a scale-up inference server. It becomes a perfect solution when running large production-based AI workloads where both throughput and latency are important This whitepaper looks at the performance and efficiency of Deep learning inference when using the Dell EMC PowerEdge R7425 server with NVIDIA T4-16GB GPU.

Helping Us Look Deeper into the Universe

The Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics (Nikhef) is under constant pressure to increase the performance of its HPC capacity as the volume of raw data it needs to process continues to expand. To meet the task, Nikhef wanted to work with a technology provider whose products could maximise the efficiency and calculation power of the server processors per euro invested. In its most recent HPC investment, Nikhef expanded the infrastructure with 93 Dell EMC PowerEdge R6415 servers, featuring AMD EPYC™ 7551P processors. Nikhef tested demo units of the servers extensively. By choosing a single socket, Nikhef ensured that all of the servers’ processing capacity was available for data analysis. This makes the solution 20 percent more efficient than competing dual-socket systems.

Transform IT with Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes, Hyperconverged Building Blocks for VMware vSAN™

IT transformation is core to making better business decisions faster, simplifying operations, and enabling a rapid response to evolving market conditions and opportunities. But transformation doesn’t happen overnight. IT leaders face a host of difficult challenges — exponential data growth, legacy systems, variable workloads, security and more — with budgets typically flat or trending down. The path to IT transformation can also seem complex. A hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), one that virtualizes compute, storage and network resources together, can address much of the pain, offering increased agility, scalability and simplicity while managing operational costs down. Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, the bedrock of the modern data center, are custom-built for HCI. Pairing the world’s #1 server3 with the global leader in virtualization4 and HCI5 software, Dell EMC PowerEdge and VMware offer essentially unrivaled hardware and software HCI solutions.

Digital Transformation eBook

Why do some distributors find the idea of “Digital Transformation” daunting? For all the promises of technology, there are just as many buzzwords and contradicting pieces of advice. This has discouraged many distributors from pursuing digital technologies, despite the undoubtable benefits.   Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Only 27% of organizations today have a comprehensive Digital Transformation roadmap in place. Looking ahead to 2022, however, that number is expected to be 75%1. Leaders are urgently putting digital technologies to work.   Companies that have successfully achieved Digital Transformation – and realized the compelling benefits – have taken practical steps that your business can also take.   In this playbook, we’ll help clearly define and break down Digital Transformation. We’ll help you understand what those steps are, where to start, and how to begin with practical initiatives that employees, customers, and your bottom line will love.

Modernising your VMware workloads with containers in the Cloud

Wondering how to make the move to modern, cloud-native apps for enhancing user experience and responding to marketplace needs? With IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions, enhance agility, retain control, strengthen security, and safeguard your data through the app modernisation journey. Transform existing apps into cloud-based apps and modernise your existing workloads seamlessly. IBM Cloud delivers trusted, secure solutions and access to innovation backed by deep industry expertise for running your critical business workloads. Streamline your app modernisation journey today!

Build faster, securely, and anywhere with IBM Cloud Satellite

Deploying and running apps consistently across on-premises, edge computing and public cloud environments from any cloud vendor is one of the top priorities for most enterprises. But by using multiple clouds, organisations are running into challenges that include latency issues, maintaining an on-premise system of records, upgrading software across multiple environments on varied schedules and more. To solution this, the distributed cloud is emerging as a model that provides more consistency, visibility, and consolidated management across different complex environments. Read this brief to explore the use cases that suggest the range of possibilities IBM Cloud Satellite™ opens for your business.

10 Must Have Features eBook

As you start your journey towards selecting and deploying an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, you’ll want to make sure you fully understand how to develop the must have requirements and selection criteria for your system. Evaluating which solution is right for your company begins with an assessment of how you wish to drive tangible value today and in the near future:       • Which business processes drive your competitive advantage today and how       do you optimize these processes with the new business system?     • Where do inefficiencies lie today in your business and how can your ERP       system help you streamline those processes and make them more efficient       and cost effective?   What are the new value-added services, new revenue sources or differentiated customer experiences you expect to add to your business in the next three to five years to increase customer loyalty and compete successfully against small and big...

6 Digital Technologies eBook

An essential part of Digital Transformation is identifying which technologies can best help you unlock new opportunities and equip your business to absorb future challenges.   This eBook will introduce you to six key technologies essential to Digital Transformation, what to consider when choosing each solution, and how to track and measure their performance.   You’ll learn the basics of:      1.eCommerce      2.Cloud      3.Enterprise Content Management      4.Data Analytics & Visualization      5.Smart Shipping      6.Electronic Data Interchange      7.The Power of Integrations

El Futuro para los Centros de Datos: Tendencias a observar en 2021

No existe \"actividad de rutina\" en el centro de datos, y 2020, desde luego, no fue una excepción a esta regla. Con el continuo aumento del volumen de datos que llegan al centro de datos, impulsado por una demanda de conectividad aún mayor, los planificadores de red están reconsiderando la forma en que pueden mantenerse un paso por delante de estos cambios. Regresando a 2014, cuando el Consorcio Ethernet 25G propuso Ethernet de 25 Gbit/s de un solo carril y Ethernet de 50 Gbit/s de doble carril, creó una gran desviación en el mapa de ruta de la industria, ofreciendo un menor costo por bit y una fácil transición a 50G, 100G y más. En 2020, 100G salió al mercado de forma masiva, impulsando cantidades de fibras cada vez más altos, y los centros de datos alojados en la nube se enfrentaron a su inevitable salto a 400G. Con conmutadores y...

Tendencias y retos en los centros de datos para 2021

La nueva normalidad y la llegada de 5G están impulsando la adopción de nuevas tecnologías en los centros de datos. Migración de información a la nube, automatización de procesos, seguridad de datos, aplicaciones de big data y la inteligencia artificial (IA) están planteando nuevos retos para este mercado, impulsando nuevos servicios que requieren el despliegue de nuevos modelos, además de redes y servidores más veloces.

Oficinas remotas y trabajo en casa con CommScope Ruckus

Cómo tener acceso a redes Wi-Fi de nivel empresarial en su oficina remota! La tecnología es la base esencial para la implementación del Trabajo Remoto, por ello las empresas invierten en plataformas para ganar en productividad y optimización de los recursos TI. descubra más sobre     • Mayor productividad, mayores ingresos y crecimiento del negocio     • Control y seguimiento permanente al desarrollo de tareas programadas     • Control total sobre los escritorios virtuales y el flujo de la información

Oficinas Remotas y Trabajo en Casa con Commscope Ruckus

La tecnología es la base esencial para la implementación del Trabajo Remoto. Las empresas que invierten en plataformas para el desarrollo de esta modalidad laboral ganan en productividad y optimización de sus recursos de TI, y del mismo modo son el mejor aliado para el trabajador remoto. Es por ello que estar actualizado en el adecuado uso de Infraestructura de Red, herramientas ofimáticas, software, aplicaciones, entre otras, es prioritario. Para ello Commscope RUCKUS, líder en soluciones de conectividad, brinda diferentes soluciones para que el Teletrabajo sea posible y tener acceso desde el hogar a redes Wi-Fi empresariales de la misma manera como se tiene en el sitio de trabajo formal solamente llevando un Punto de Acceso para ser conectado al Internet residencial. El llevar estas tendencias tecnológicas hasta el hogar permite que los teletrabajadores y empleadores tengan varias ventajas:     • Mayor productividad que equivale a mayores ingresos y mayor crecimiento       del...

2021 Connectivity benchmark report

MuleSoft, in collaboration with Deloitte Digital, surveyed 800 global IT leaders on the state of connectivity and digital transformation. The study revealed that IT teams are under more pressure than ever and are struggling to deliver on all the projects asked of them. However, organizations using APIs to develop new projects or integrations saw a significant increase in productivity, innovation, and agility, and a decrease in operating costs. Download the latest report to find out:     • How much building and managing custom integrations is costing enterprises.     • What the main factors hindering digital transformation initiatives are.     • How API-led integration can drive developer productivity and business value.     • Why IT must meet the growing integration demands of business teams.

Brexit Special Report

Even before COVID-19 struck, the global trade space was experiencing a high level of disruption and uncertainty due to the volatility of regulatory changes. Trade conflicts, geopolitical uncertainty, and protracted treaty negotiations all contribute to rapidly changing dynamics in global trade. The UK’s exit from, and future relationship with, the EU further marks a fundamental shift in trade relationships, which will change the way companies do business in the region. Having the right tools to understand the regulatory implications that emerge from these disruptions will be essential as companies mitigate risks, optimise opportunities, and navigate a world of change.

Flip-The-Switch on Your Self-Service Strategy

The corporate IT self-service portal has to be one of the most touted IT service management (ITSM) advancements of the last decade. It was going to cure most ITSM ills, with the promise of “better, faster, cheaper” IT service delivery and support. However, many IT self-service portals have failed to deliver on their promises. Thus, the premise of this paper – that the IT self-service portal is dead or “slowly dying on the vine” – is based on historical and more recent data that points to the issues with employee adoption levels and the associated employee experience. That, despite the big ambitions, the delivery of IT self-service portals has failed in execution. This whitepaper, authored by Stephen Mann, Principal Analyst at, provides you with 8 tips to improve self-service with smart technology. Key Insights:     • How (and why) traditional IT self-service portals have failed to deliver the       expected benefits     • The continued...


Desde hace casi 30 años, las redes privadas virtuales (VPN) son fundamentales para proporcionar a los usuarios remotos acceso a la red corporativa. Ahora el mundo transformado digitalmente, donde la confianza cero es una necesidad y las aplicaciones se han sacado del perímetro tradicional, ha cambiado esa realidad. Las tecnologías VPN, que eran el centro del acceso remoto, se han convertido en una fuente de riesgo, lo que lleva a las organizaciones a reevaluar su estrategia de acceso a largo plazo y el uso de VPN. El aumento en todo el mundo del trabajo a distancia debido a la pandemia de la COVID-19 ha llevado a un aumento en el uso de VPN y, por lo tanto, a la expansión de la superficie de ataque de las empresas. Los ciberdelincuentes se dirigen a las VPN, como demuestran los innumerables artículos nuevos sobre explotaciones de VPN y las casi 500 vulnerabilidades conocidas de...

The Adobe ecosystem makes content management more efficient.

If Adobe made instruments, we might be tempted to toot our own horn. But since we’re in the experience business, we’ll simply say that we’re proud to be named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Agile Content Management Systems (CMSes), Q1 2021. Download the report to see which strengths helped us stand out, and why we believe they can boost your marketing agility. Fill out the form to download the report.

Effective employee portals are built on a solid foundation.

According to Gallup, 50 percent of organisations have expressed frustration at the tools and platforms they use to reach employees in a way that’s timely, effective, and measurable. If your intranet system is feeling the strain too, check out our guide Engaging the New Digital Workforce: A Blueprint to learn how a next-generation CMS can revitalise the way you connect and communicate with employees. Plus, we cover the seven essential building blocks of any modern employee portal, which include: &nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:&bull:&nbsp:Centralised content management &nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:&bull:&nbsp:Fast content-authoring capabilities &nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:&bull:&nbsp:Content governance &nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:&bull:&nbsp:Exceptional personalisation tools &nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:&bull:&nbsp:Agile integrations &nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:&nbsp:&bull:&nbsp:Cloud foundation Fill out the form to download the guide.

Three essential steps to building your digital foundation.

Brands that excel at delivering relevant and personalised customer experiences are leading because they’re following a revolutionary blueprint for how they go to market. This type of experience management requires a technology foundation built on a common set of tools and processes. Read Becoming an Experience-Based Business: Your Blueprint for a Strong Digital Foundation to learn:     • Why your marketing technology needs to evolve.     • The benefits of a unified, cloud-native platform.     • The steps for implementing an experience-based foundation. Fill out the form to view the guide.

What are the greatest problems for agency website owners?

Adobe commissioned the Government Business Council (GBC), which is part of Government Executive to survey website owners in federal, state and local govt about their websites. This was designed to gather data to dispel myths about government favoring \"open source\" software over COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) software. Great data and insights from IT professionals and website owners in government, including the fact that they rely about equally on open source and COTS solutions. They also expressed concern about aging infrastructure, discussed their dependence on IT for website updates, how COVID has been a missed opportunity for upgrade and more.

Government software – to buy or to build

More and more government operations and services are powered by code, making the decision to buy or build new software solutions a heavier burden. Government officials must wade through complex IT environments, stringent regulations, and private-sector sales pitches in order to make the right choice for their agency. To help you understand your options and find a solution with the best fit, Adobe created an informational eBook that compares the pros and cons of commercial and open-source software. By packaging valuable insights into a convenient checklist, agencies can get the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions and deliver better digital experiences to those that depend on them. Inside, Adobe experts share valuable government-specific insight, including case studies that can help your agency evaluate a software solution with due diligence. Additionally, you’ll learn how to:     • Gather critical insights for informed software purchasing     • Debunk myths...

AEM Core Components and how they can help your government agency.

As government agencies go through the process of discovering which content management systems (CMS) is the best fit for their organization, this article points out why agencies need to move beyond functional requirements and regulatory mandates to focus on customer-centric insights gathered through digital interactions. In order to achieve better digital interactions, and do this both quickly and in a scalable way, you need to reduce the amount of customization within your website and focus on building personalized digital experiences through web components that are open-source, secure, stable and robust. Adobe Experience Manager Core Components are the building blocks of any Experience Manager digital ecosystem. They significantly simplify the creation of flexible, extensible, and feature-rich components for content authors, and reduce the time it takes to implement a CMS and build web pages. To learn more about AEM Core Components and how they can help your government agency, please complete the...

A How-To Guide For Ediscovery Metrics

Save money and create continuous improvement by analyzing your data. In life and in business, improvement is driven by knowledge — and knowledge depends on data. It’s no different in ediscovery. In this guide we will show you how you can establish the right metrics for your team and quickly get started learning from your data:     • Designing Metrics That Will Matter     • Don’t Just Look at Your Data: Use It     • Best Practices for Establishing Metrics     • Metrics Checklist

9 Best Practices for Early Case Assessment

The top ways to drive down ediscovery costs and make better case strategy decisions. While you can’t predict the future, you can use early case assessment (ECA) to gain a more thorough understanding of a matter. More than 90 percent of cases filed settle before trial. Those are good odds, but it can be challenging for organizations to determine which cases fall within the small percentage that will proceed to trial.

Ediscovery's Role in Driving Legal Ops Success

How ediscovery best practices and technology can be leveraged to help legal departments run more effectively and efficiently. Whether your legal team has a formal legal ops role or you are simply trying to make operational improvements wherever possible, this guide offers actionable tips for using your ediscovery processes and software to drive results. Learn more about the core functions of legal ops and how ediscovery can help, including:     • Cross-functional alignment between legal and other teams.     • Data analytics for key department metrics.     • Utilizing technology to do more in less time.     • And more!

LINAK Case Study

Reducing sanctions risk with automatic supplier screening. How LINAK used ONESOURCE Denied Party Screening to reduce their risk and ensure trade compliance.

Outcome-Based Marketing Framework: Profitable Growth

Do you know who your brand\'s \"movable middles\" are? Companies that are successful at targeting and convincing this key segment through outcome-based marketing see 5X the advertising impact over reach-based marketing efforts. Download \"Outcome-Based Marketing v2.0: Profitable Growth by Targeting Consumers in the Movable Middle,\" an innovative growth framework developed by MMA Global and Neustar, and learn how to:     • Leverage outcome-based planning to design your media budgets and       channel allocation plans to deliver the growth you\'re looking to achieve     • Identify and target a new crucial segment—your brand\'s \"movable middles\"—       open-minded consumers who are most likely to respond to your advertising       and make a purchase in the future     • Execute on our framework and develop campaigns that outperform the       ROAS of traditional reach plans by more than 50% 

Agile Marketing Transformation: Why It’s Key to Your Success

Between the worldwide global pandemic and dramatic shifts in consumer confidence, there has never been a greater need for agility in business. And this on top of an already tenuous marketing landscape—with audiences fragmented across a multitude of channels, growing privacy regulations, and the demise of third-party cookies and mobile IDs. It\'s no wonder, then, that nearly half of all marketers have already adopted agile principles to support their marketing goals, with the rest planning to go agile within a year, according to a study cited in this report. We\'ve all seen how agile can transform business operations when put into practice: Software development teams that have adopted agile practices are able to adapt to shorter release times, keep up with ever-increasing demands for greater productivity, and prioritize competing initiatives. Agile enables marketers to do the same and more—all while producing higher quality work and responding to feedback more effectively. Our latest report...

5 Ways to Leverage Granular Retail Data

Consumers’ expectations change daily. Brick-and-mortar and ecommerce retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies must adapt quickly to remain competitive. This ebook describes five ways Snowflake’s modern data approach helps retail and CPG companies leverage more granular data to create a better customer experience and increase profits.

5 Ways Data is Transforming Healthcare and Life Sciences

The volume of data in healthcare is projected to grow 36% annually over the next five years. The opportunities this data will offer to patients, as well as to healthcare and life sciences companies, are limitless. This ebook examines 5 important ways data is transforming healthcare and life sciences by providing an in-depth look into:       • Delivering Quality Care Outcomes Through 360-Degree Patient Views       • Unlocking Deeper Health Insights with Snowflake Data Exchange       • Driving Innovation with Large-Scale Genomic Analytics       • Catching the Next Wave of IoMT       • Building the Next Generation of Healthcare Applications

3 Data Trends in Financial Services

How are financial institutions leveraging the massive volumes of information at their disposal to glean insights and improve decision-making? Industry experts agree that three trends have emerged for unlocking the value of data in financial services: • A deeper reliance on the cloud • An uptick in data collaboration • Adoption of modern data strategies and technologies Download this ebook to learn more about these trends and discover how Snowflake’s platform is helping banks, brokerages, insurers, and financial technology startups collect, store, analyze, and share data easily and securely.

The Future of Global Trade Technology

Transforming global trade operations through technology modernisation will yield direct and dramatic savings. This white paper reveals how to create the ideal GTM solution.

The CISO\’s Guide to Third-Party Security Management

Managing the security of your third parties is crucial, but security assessments are riddled with problems, including a lack of context, scalability and relevance. How can you build an effective process? In this comprehensive guide, we provide the direction you need to make your organization’s third-party security program efficient and scalable. In this guide, you will learn how to:     • Implement compensating internal controls when your suppliers don\'t have or       won\'t reveal their own     • Collaborate with suppliers to ensure success in the remediation process     • Create KPIs to help manage, improve the process and demonstrate       achievements

10 Key Questions to Include in Your Vendor Security Questionnaires

In today’s perilous cyber world, companies must carefully check their vendors’ cyber posture, and the initial vetting of any third party typically begins with a comprehensive security questionnaire. But these can be a headache, because many questionnaires include hundreds of questions, and many of them are irrelevant. What are the key questions that must be addressed to determine if vendors have a strong cyber posture? This guide covers the most important ones to consider, including:     • Does customer data leave the vendor’s production systems?     • Does the vendor support single sign-on?     • Does the vendor have an employee security awareness program?

How to have content for every touchpoint and each individual.

Our customers experience a range of challenges in bringing the right content to market and doing so at speed. This asset will provide an overview of what elements are needed to create content for every moment, and how content management, asset management, and personalization working together can increase the ability to offer outstanding experiences. The current moment is changing the way we interact with each other as individuals, as well as the way with businesses engage customers. For DX leaders in marketing and IT, the need to accelerate the move to digital has never been more pressing. Best practices have been changing rapidly. The pivots we make today will help us to be stronger once this has passed and better prepare us for the new reality and future disruptions to how we work and engage with customers.

Data trends redefine leading brands

Did you know organizations that put data at the center of their business gain better insights? According to our research, data centricity is now a top priority in 2020 for larger companies. Read \"Data trends redefine leading brands\" to learn how companies that leverage insights from data for scientific commercial decision-making and data-driven marketing are changing the game. In this report, see how AI, customer journeys, and analytics are changing the game for customer data insights as well as: Why most organizations consider data-centricity a top priority for 2020 That 65% of brands want stronger segmentation and targeting, so data and analytics are a key differentiator How leading brands are leveraging data-driven insights to deliver personalized customer experiences

2021 Digital Trends

Digital Trends is an annual global study in collaboration with Econsultancy to understand and report on key trends in the digital industry that helps brands launch the new year with fresh thinking and context. The study findings identify which trends are having the greatest impact, what are the latest capabilities, perennial challenges and emerging issues. This will enable organizations to develop a competitive advantage and growing next-generation digital commerce experiences. With the world on the brink of change, this year’s report provides timely insights to help marketers and business leaders realign their vision and bounce back stronger in 2021.

Our six lessons learned as we reinvented normal.

2020 hasn’t gone how anyone might have guessed. But when your business has made a digital transformation, you can pivot swiftly and decisively. We’ve put together a guide, The Reinvention of Normal, that has six practical lessons that will help your business be more digitally agile and prepared to adapt to change.

Learn how businesses are succeeding in the new world of digital experiences

This content should help us understand how companies have reacted to the pandemic, and how consumers have changed their behaviour—and what’s working for them. We’ll identify which trends are likely to last, and what are some best practices for managing the new reality. The current moment is changing the way we interact with each other as individuals, as well as the way with businesses engage customers. For DX leaders in marketing and IT, the need to accelerate the move to digital has never been more pressing. Best practices have been changing rapidly. The pivots we make today will help us to be stronger once this has passed and better prepare us for the new reality and future disruptions to how we work and engage with customers.

Make a DAM your company’s best asset.

Content has never been more business critical, yet most companies don’t do enough to manage and optimize their assets. With a digital asset management system (DAM), you can take a content velocity approach, improving personalization, speeding workflows, and scaling across channels. Because today, customer experience management depends on successful content management.


¿Cómo puede su empresa hablar con los clientes? Entrevistamos a ejecutivos de marketing para comprender los desafíos de CX. Estos son lo que encontramos.

Amadureça suas práticas de IA para promover o crescimento

Conozca los desafíos actuales que enfrentan los minoristas al construir bases de automatización y explore casos de uso de inteligencia artificial. Descubra cómo las acciones concretas ayudan a los minoristas a superar estos desafíos.

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